Rural Americans Raising Expectations


Rural America Raising Expectations (R.A.R.E) is a CIH Media Group Initiative to empower, equip and increase the value and quality of life for those living in Rural America. R.A.R.E will provide resources and information through Your Hour of Power (YHOP). Based on primary data the immediate areas of focus will be the Georgia Senatorial run-offs, home ownership, and meaningful employment. YHOP will execute a very intense and aggressive GOTV and E-Day campaign that focuses on developing and empowering influencers in their immediate communities. R.A.R.E highlights the fact that individuals living in Rural America are often neglected and overlooked causing many of them to lose hope. In order to excite rural communities YHOP will be message and competition driven.


  1. YHOP  to become the difference maker in the  Jan 5th, 2021 Senatorial election.
  2. Acquire a minimum of 135,000 Georgia loyal listeners that vote on Jan 5th, 2021.  
  3. Sell a minimum of $15 million dollars in advertisement during the election cycle which will include commercials, text blast, candidate trivia, quizzes, surveys and polling. YHOP will offer on demand services for quizzes, surveys and polls.


YHOP will deliver the following by Super Tuesday Jan 5th, 2021 in the Georgia Senatorial Race:  
  1. 135,000 plus Rural Undecided, First Time or Disconnected Voters that would not have participated in the voting process but will vote in the Jan 5th election cycle.
  2. More Civic Minded and Informed Voters
  3. Hope through opportunity to those traditionally overlooked in Rural America

Expected Outcomes

CIH Media Group theorizes, based on primary data, its platform will restore and instill faith in its listening audience. CIH further believes YHOP loyal listeners will become a new generation of patriot minded Ameircans. YHOP success will also create value for individuals that are most apt to be disconnected from civic duties and believing their vote counts.  

Additionally, rural America will thrive with new homeowners and job opportunities on a national level.


12/03 Through 12/04

  • Harrison
  • Carrol
  • Douglas

12/05 Through 12/07

  • Lowdes

12/08 Through 12/13

  • Floyd
  • Polk
  • Chattanooga
  • Barstow
  • Gordon

12/14 Through 12/16

  • Cook
  • Tilt
  • Colquitt
  • Berrien
  • Lanier
  • Thomas
  • Brooks
  • Lowdes

12/17 Through 12/20

  • Bibb
  • Crawford
  • Peach
  • Houston

12/21 Through 12/24

  • Jones
  • Twiggs
  • Baldwin
  • Bleckley
  • Laurens
  • Wilkinson

12/25 Through 12/28

  • Montgomery
  • Toombs
  • Tattnall Appling
  • Wayne

12/29 Through 1/01/21

  • Clinch
  • Mcintosh
  • Glynn
  • Brantley
  • Camden
  • Chariton

1/02/21 Through 1/05/21

  • Echols
  • Lowdes
  • Tilt
  • Worth
  • Turner