Social Justice 2020

The Time Is Now


SOCIAL JUSTICE 2020 (SJ 2020) is an opportunity to address America’s past, present and future value for African Americans while promoting peace and unity. Matthew 5:9 says blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called children of God. SOCIAL JUSTICE 2020 is a 28-day call to action to start the process of healing and uniting America in an unprecedented year in 2020.

The year has brought clarity to how fragile life is, how divided America is and how many believers have forgotten the goodness of Jesus Christ.

As Americans prepare for the 2020 election on Nov 3rd America is filled with hate, misinformation, manipulation and discord. Disconnected, Undecided and First Time Voters will get to hear everyday Americans. The founders of Pick Up Your Baton believe it is time for all Americans to pick up their baton. 


  1. Address America’s Abuse of Blacks 
  2. Define Systemic Racism and its effects  
  3. Provide solutions for moving forward 
    • Neighborhood Policing and Accountability Solution
    • National Violence Prevention
    • Tailor Made Economic Opportunities for Blacks
  4. Unite A Divided America
    • Identify Commonalities within communities
    • Introduce GOD to America again


SJ 2020 will deliver the following: 
  1. Solutions to correct  years of oppression 
  2. Solutions to Prevent Violence in underserved communities 
  3. An opportunity to restore families and promote healing 
  4. Opportunity to hold  elected officials accountable

Expected Outcomes

The 2020 Battleground Challenge theorizes, based on primary data, that SJ 2020 will inspire Americans to focus on solutions and participate in voting. America will begin to heal when accountability and the value of a life becomes the number one priority.  The data proves that informed voters are the best voters. For every American that truly believes in America for all will be comfortable with educating and standing up for All Americans.